Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Artisan Hotels manages hotels, restaurants and bars in the leisure and corporate markets. Whether initially performing well or in need of improvement our management team have significant experience which enables them to operate hotels effectively to generate higher revenues from increased room and occupancy rates.

Hotel Investors

Artisan is a specialist management group focused on generating returns for investors in hotels.

Hotel Management

Artisan brings focused resources to hoteliers, lending institutions and professional advisers in challenging situations where hotels require turnaround solutions. Artisan Hotels can provide ongoing management and a planned exit strategy.

Asset Management

Artisan can be retained on short, medium or long term contracts to assist hotel owners in the full or partial management of their property or estate. Our services include day-to-day operations, sales and marketing, branding, purchasing, financial management, HR, health & safety, staff training and development. We can also help hotel owners improve room revenue and source working capital investment.

Artisan Hotels has significant experience in the hotel sector and we work with some of the most successful professionals in the hospitality industry. In addition to opening new hotels and managing a range of existing properties, the management team combine high level experience with a hands-on approach, first-class strategic planning skills and proven ability to develop and grow businesses in a highly competitive market. We have developed a detailed operating manual setting consistently high standards across all of our hotels.

Tony Flanagan


Gordon Wilson


Bob Warrior

RKA Hotel Manager

Tony is the founder and an executive director of Artisan Hotels. He is also the founder and CEO of Wilton Group. The Wilton Group is a professional and financial services business employing over 120 staff at it’s principal offices in London, Bristol, Dubai, Dublin and the Isle of Man. Tony is also an experienced property investor and developer. Tony is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and holds further qualifications in business administration and business marketing. He has over 25 years of experience in the professions. Gordon Wilson has over 35 years of experience in a range of industries. He served as the managing UK director of the respected French group, Les Routiers between 1991 and 1999. Les Routiers is recognised worldwide as a mark of excellence for the best independent restaurants and places to stay. He was also on the Committee of the British Hospitality Association and since 2001 Gordon has been involved with FARMA and personally chaired its national annual awards. Prior to this he was senior General Manager Middle East and Africa at Midland Bank International (now HSBC), Riyadh Bank in London, and several other international banking groups. Gordon was also a director of Wilton Group from 2001 to 2009. Bob recently joined Artisan Hotels as the General Manager of the Royal Kings Arms as part of the team to see through the mutli million pound refurbishment of the hotel with the aim of restoring this historical hotel to its position as of the one pre-eminent hotels in Lancaster.
Bob brings over 30 years of hospitality management to the role, including most recently running his own restaurants in Southport for five years, winning various awards locally and gaining national recognition.
Previously to this period Bob oversaw the design , development and management of numerous hospitality businesses in Liverpool, Manchester and London over a 20 year role which also included Liverpool’s flagship casino Leo Casino.